Adult Training

We want all our volunteers to have the skills and knowledge they need to feel confident to help keep young people safe and help them gain skills for life.

We’ll be organising learning at Scouts in what we call the Learning Tree. It’ll be made up of Growing Roots, learning that’s personalised to you and needs to be done within your first six months as a volunteer, and Branching Out, the learning you can access to further develop your skills and knowledge. 

Access to this learning and progress tracking will be available once our County gains access to the new digital learning tool on

To see all of the current training modules head over to our Forms and Tools section and select Training.

Where relevant as a District we will hold face to face or online training to support you during both stages of learning, information on courses that are available can be found in the District Training Calendar.

Training and support for ongoing learning is provided by the Volunteer Development Team more information on this team is available on our District Teams page.