District Teams

Running your Group, Sections, Event, or Activity can involve wearing a lot of hats and that is not always easy.

Ryedale District Scouts has teams to help and support all of our Groups and Units to allow them to do what they do best, week in week out.

Support Team

Support Teams make sure:

  • We’re engaging with local communities
  • We open new provision
  • Administration gets done
  • Fundraising is planned and run
  • Scouts has a positive image and is promoted 
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  • Create and look after relationships with other organisations that can help Scouts grow locally. 
  • Create a positive image of Scouts in the local community. For example, through local media. 
  •  Plan and run fundraising events when they’re needed. 

Open new provision 

  • Work with Groups and other District teams to open, close, or merge Sections (depending on local demand). 

Support effective processes 

  • Carry out finance administration. This could include paying expenses/invoices, and tracking income/expenditure against the budget. 
  • Set up and look after email, web, social media, and web meeting systems for the District (and, if appropriate, for Groups and Units). 
  • If there are staff, make sure they’re properly managed and well recognised. 
  • Look after joining enquiries across the District. 

Look after property and equipment 

  • Check bookings and maintenance for any District-owned property and equipment (including 14-24 Sections). 
  • Oversee meeting places for 14-24 Sections (whether they’re rented, leased, or owned). 

Programme Team

Programme Teams make sure:

  • Volunteers have networking and development opportunities
  • There’s guidance on running programmes
  • Skilled people are on hand to help run adventurous activities
  • Activities and permits are reviewed and approved
  • Sections can work together 
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Tasks for the whole team

  • Help Sections across the District work together. 

Allocated tasks

Help Section Teams run high-quality programmes  

  • Support all Sections to deliver projects where young people can have a positive impact in the community.
  • Help volunteers with any programme changes, such as new badges and activities, to help young people achieve Top Awards.
  • Encourage international trips and activities. 
  • Support volunteers to include nights away in their Section’s programme. 
  • Help volunteers gain their Nights Away Permits
  • Organise events for the District when Section Teams decide they’re needed.
  • Keep an eye out for any learning that’ll help Section Teams deliver a fantastic programme. The Volunteering Development Team can then give volunteers opportunities to develop and learn new skills. 

Facilitate programme networking opportunities 

  • Encourage Section Teams to share good practice across the District by creating opportunities to network. 

Help Section Teams access expert advice and support 

Make sure: 

  • There are skilled people to support Sections’ programmes (in areas that volunteers may not be experts in themselves).   
  • Sections can access adventurous activities, either through permit holders or external providers. 

Approve activities and permits (when delegated by the Lead Volunteer) 

Other responsibilities

There are a number of accreditations which can be given to share specific responsibilities.

Volunteer development team

Volunteer Development Team

Volunteering Development Teams make sure:

  • Volunteers’ achievements are celebrated
  • Volunteers have the skills they need
  • Volunteers keep motivated as they complete their learning
  • We’re always looking for brilliant volunteers
  • Volunteers get a great welcome and induction 
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Tasks for the whole team

Make sure all District teams follow and reflect on Our Volunteering Culture

Allocated tasks

Attract and welcome new volunteers to District and Group teams 

  • Use Scouts branded resources to attract new volunteers. 
  • Reply quickly and positively to possible new volunteers. 
  • Make sure volunteers are welcomed easily and smoothly. 
  • Hold inductions with Group Lead Volunteers and other Group and District Leadership Team Members. 

Make sure volunteers are well supported 

  • Help and encourage Team Leaders (including Group Lead Volunteers) to have regular reviews with volunteers in their teams. 
  • Make sure all District teams (including Group Lead Volunteers) follow our approach to safe volunteer recruitment, appointment, reviews, and processes for leaving Scouts. 

Help volunteers with learning 

  • Help volunteers and Young Leaders find and engage in opportunities for learning and development. 
  • Coordinate Scouts learning that needs to be delivered by an accredited Trainer – including coordinating and supporting the Trainers. 
  • Use the learning delivery materials developed by Scouts (e.g. training sessions, workshops, activities, etc.), and make changes (when necessary) so activities are accessible for everyone. 
  • Help volunteers connect across the District and beyond to learn, share best practices and overcome shared challenges. 
  • Set up learning opportunities with external organisations (if relevant and helpful). 
  • Make sure volunteers can be recognised for prior learning and experience, and have it credited in their records. 
  • Learn from people in other Volunteering Development Teams. 

Recognise volunteers 

Other responsibilities

There are a number of accreditations which can be given to share specific responsibilities.

Team 14-20

14-24 Teams make sure:

  • Explorers and Network sections have the resources they need
  • The needs of young people are met through the programme
  • Young Leaders are mentored and developed
  • Sections and activities are inclusive for all young people and adults
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Support Explorer, Young Leader, and Scout Network Section Teams by making sure:  

  • The views and ideas of young people shape decisions in the 14–24 Team and its Sections.
  • Section Teams help young people feel welcome and included, and make changes (when needed) so the environment and activities are accessible for everyone.
  • The demographics of young people and adults reflect their local area.
  • To meet the needs of 14–24 year olds through the Explorer or Scout Network programme, and creating opportunities to volunteer as a Young Leader

Develop our volunteers: 

  • Make sure any helpers are briefed on the practical aspects of safety and safeguarding. This includes giving them a copy of the Yellow Card, confirming they’ve read and understood it. Make sure helpers know who to speak to if they have any concerns.
  • Make volunteers aware of Our Volunteering Culture, and make sure they reflect on it, commit to it, and apply it in their teams.
  • Work with volunteers to share skills between Section Teams.

Opportunities in the District teams

Sorry, there are no volunteer opportunities available right now.